Use conversational videos to engage with your audience and bridge the gap between you and your viewers. Share your point, make a video resume, pitch you product, or motivate others. Whatever it is that you want to say, we can start your video conversation today!


We strengthen communication by offering corporate video services. Our production team fully deploys multiple projects and brings your corporate message into motion. Protag Films provides different video production scenarios to best fit your budget and objectives.



We produce cost-effective product demo videos for public or private viewing on the web. In addition, we develop proprietary technology demos, training video programs and confidential product demos under strict confidentiality agreements with our customers.


Zero Drop Media

Zero Drop Media is a right and left brain-oriented marketing agency that leads all our departments. Our integrated capabilities include: brand consulting, creative services, target content creation, software development and more. Our departments meet specific objectives for customers around the world.


Zero Drop Media includes specific branded departments to provide customized solutions within the marketing and information technology fields. Our talent pool works together to adapt to the rapid changes of cross media development, informational technology and integrated marketing solutions.

Responsive Identity

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that has a team of professionals ready to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals under one of the most confident partnerships in the marketplace.

Protag Films

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that is a full video production and short film company specializing in a wide variety of video content. Years of broadcast production and storytelling experience are applied to fit all budgets.

One Echo Productions

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that engineers custom software solutions to meet your needs. We write complex code for any platform for emerging and mainstream technologies. We work with small, medium and large companies.



The department of Zero Drop Media Group that makes 3D still abstracts, customized still graphics, and animations for short films, mobile games, rich media applications, digital signage commercials and multi-touch technologies.

ZDM Translate

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that offers translations in any language for any purpose or industry. Translation services include document, legal, human resources, technical, marketing and business.

Engaged Counseling

The department of Zero Drop Media Group whose goal is to meaningfully guide and communicate the purpose of each program or session we offer. The courses are interactive and use multimedia to reach the audience in an effective way.

Memor Publishing

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that offers consulting services to find the right book publisher for you. In addition, publishing services expand into the traditional editorial and printing processes when managing publications.

DSE Content

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that trains businesses to deliver content with purpose. Whether it is a marketing campaign, digital signage, a closed TV network, web applications, or other media, content drives the success of your product.

DSE Hardware

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that specializes in digital signage equipment rentals and advertising space in multi-touch kiosks, touch screens, digital signage platforms, portable stages, retail interactive applications and event video walls.

Castle Bridge Events

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that delivers seminars and events to help make connections with your audience. Our areas of focus are sales presentations, entrepreneurship, business development, education and government.

Events Pack

The department of Zero Drop Media Group offering marketing and packaging services including: packaging, private label, future conceptualization packaging and custom event packaging.

Perceptual Events

The department of Zero Drop Media Group that delivers marketing research, surveys and focus groups to help companies improve their services, understand consumer behavior and develop sales stimulation strategies to improve revenue.