Web-based Digital Signage Software that requires no player to run your content. This software package allows you to add and distribute static or dynamic content, manage a paid distribution advertising platform within your network and leverage engagement between media producer teams adding content globally for administration of your media workforce.

> Content Management and Creation
> Scheduler
> Team Management and Administration
> Advertising Management
> Integrated Global Solutions
> Customizable Software: Add-ons
> Private Label or Per License Agreements
> Security and Tech Support

Web-based internet and intranet platform for video libraries. Great for digital signage networks, online video training systems, online video showcases or other video products. The E-Media Center's capabilities include streaming, file browsing, downloading, video comments and a store in one centralized platform.

> Video Channel: Add Video Albums or Content Categories
> Easy Browse & Download Capabilities
> Online Training Section
> Team Account Management
> Includes Other Media Assets such as Pictures, Presentations and Documents
> Messaging and Comments Integration
> E-Commerce (optional)
> Video Database & Custom Programming

Web platform & CMS for intranet or internet.

> Content Management System
> E-Learning and Online Training
> User Account Management & Statistics
> Website Monetization & Shopping Cart

Related Optional Services:
> Intranet Design & Implementation
> Content Creation & Web Updates
> Database & Custom Programming

Event promotion & secure online event registration.

> Create and Manage Events
> Event Promo Page as Micro Site
> User Account Management & Statistics
> Website Monetization & Shopping Cart

Related Optional Services
> Social Media & Promotion
> Content Creation & Web Updates
> Database & Custom Programming

Online attendance module with scanning capabilities.

> Secure Online Check-In/Out
> Custom Attendance Reporting
> User Account Management & Statistics
> QR Code Scanning Capabilities

Related Optional Services:
> Intranet Implementation
> Joomla & QuickBooks Add-ons
> Database & Custom Programming


Online athletes community to share their talents.

> Personal Trainer Services
> Free Training Plans
> Engagement with Community
> Social Media Integration

Audience Engagement:
> Athlete Profiles
> Event Listings
> Product Reviews
> Sponsorships


Call for special pricing (972.672.9352). Our packages include content development. This multi-functional video monitor includes an ATSC/QAM TV tuner and integrated PC with multi-touch capabilities. Ideal for use in training and education environments, in broadcast production, or in any application that benefits from onboard computing that utilizes touch screen functionality.

> Full HD (FHD) display - 1080i/p with no downscaling
> LED backlight - brighter picture using less power
> ATSC/QAM TV tuner (10 bit / 120Hz)
> 3D adaptive comb filter
> Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB DDR3 memory
> Multi-touch screen panel (IR transmission)
> Wide-viewing angle
> Wall mount bracket
> IR remote control