successfully aligning with customers parallel to their objectives with zero limits

Marketing & Advertising Solutions

Responsive Marketing

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Campaign Formulation

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Brand Management

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Multicultural Marketing

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Global Marketing

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Content Development

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PROFESOR DR. ZDM Servicios en español


Let Dr. ZDM help cure your symptoms by training YOUR professionals HOW to be more EFFICIENT at work and ENABLE them to be
VALUE-ADDED assets and PASSIONATE about your company.

These classes will enable your professionals to be more educated in specific areas and apply solutions to their challenges. Participants will leave these classes motivated and rewarded through innovative ideas and new perspectives about how to take their jobs to new levels of understanding. Finally, they will learn how to embrace their responsibilities to reinforce the current success of your company.

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Media Buying | Advertising Management

Media Business
Media BuyingMedia Buying
Media BuyingMedia Buying

Making Sure Your Products & Services are Advertised in Proper Mediums

We buy media space to maximize your advertising dollars the most relevant way by reaching objectives, saving costs and creating awareness of your business. Our goal is to put your money in the right medium at the right time.

Responsive Services


Marketing Services for Software Development

We are the experts in coding specializing in API, web programming, software and product database development. Our goal is to be instrumental in delivering intuitive back-end solutions for our customers.


Cross Media Content Development

We specialize in the development of cross media content for digital signage, web, print, tv and social media. We offer content stimulation strategies and targeted content that adapts to a predefined media calendar, company objectives, social changes and current events.


Marketing Services for the Printing Industry

We are experts in the printing industry with more than 20 years of experience in the market. We offer executive level printing services, online ordering, software development, integrated marketing solutions and new product development for companies looking to expand their printing services globally.


Marketing Services for the Healthcare Industry

We leverage software solutions and integrated marketing services for healthcare providers, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical suppliers. From product launch planning, branding, and interactive training to sales strategies, we have the experience to serve clients with centralized operations to deliver what they need.


Marketing Services for the Financial Industry

Financial firms team up with Zero Drop Media for long-term relationships with the trust they need and the peace of mind they want to make sure their financial data is secure and safe to share on the web. We offer marketing, software and web development within the financial industry.


Online Marketing Solutions for Business Professionals

No job is too small or too big for us. We fully deploy high impact websites, strategic online marketing services and search engine optimization solutions. Business professionals get a great ROI on this web-based product because it is affordable, simple and
well-designed with no complications attached.


Exciting Products for Sports Driven Businesses

We specialize in the development of sports clubs and race-related event web sites. Our services expand into seasonable web hosting for sports events, sports marketing, online sponsorship strategies and media management.


Event Management for Your Busy Organization

The next time you need to promote and organize your event and offer online registration in one centralized location, we are the solution for you. We offer an event calendar management system which integrates multiple calendars and shares information for event registration within your existing website.


Club Management for Your Busy Organization

We have developed a club management web-based product to manage your club’s membership and online attendance. The system offers a content management integration system to manage news and profile pages for members.


Marketing Services for Business and Government

We specialize in results-driven web development solutions, integration of rich media and content management systems. Due to the
ever-changing nature of the web, we continue to strive for high levels and accommodate services which will make a difference in your business based on existing technologies and media requirements. We adapt to change and accept challenges. We can assist your business from consulting to offering effective processes that allow your web site to do what it is supposed to do.


Marketing Services for the Entertainment Industry

We have developed web products specifically made for the entertainment industry. These services can be custom fitted to local artists or national music chains.


Marketing Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Whether there is a need to promote a local race or a national campaign for awareness, we believe in giving back to the community. Our goal is to help the organization reach their goal.

Our Printing Formula For Success


Creative & Design Services

Environmentally Friendly Printing

Please contact Zero Drop Media for all your printing needs.

Our departments

Zero Drop Media includes specific branded departments to provide customized solutions within the marketing and information technology fields. Our talent pool works together to adapt to the rapid changes of cross media development, informational technology and integrated marketing solutions.
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successfully aligning with customers parallel to their objectives with zero limits

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